The Mohawk Militia Goal

Mohawk Militia was established in 2013 by celebrity chef Patrick Stark out of his desire to create a charity that would give him an opportunity to share his love of food with the veteran community. The Mohawk Militia exists to provide help and hope to veterans in DFW through fundraising events, volunteering opportunities, coordinating with shelters to provide for basic needs, and many other experiences. Mohawk Militia has provided over 1500 suits for those in need, and partnered with The Granada and Sambuca 360 to raise money for veterans through events held at their facilities. Sergeant Snack, Patrick’s catering business, also donates a portion of its proceeds to the Mohawk Militia.

Mohawk Militia was not named for the haircut, but for the Mohawk Indians – some of the best protectors of the land and environment. They respect the land as well as nature, continuing to “give back” what they harvested. The goal of the Mohawk Militia is to emulate their practices and show our respect of veterans in everything we do. No mohawk required!

What Can I Do?

We need your help to attain our goals. For more information about how you can help, check out the Volunteer and Donate portions of the site, or sign up to receive updates here.